Sandblasting can be an extremely effective way to reduce the impact of rust on metal, clear off paint, and anything left over on a surface. To accomplish this task safely, here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe.


Earplugs, earmuffs


Always wear earplugs when operating a sandblaster. These are often overlooked. Sandblasters can heavily impact hearing loss both with the intensity of sound, and the material debris build up over time. Also, maintain an awareness and prepare well, earmuffs are the recommended avenue to ensure both precautions are taken.


Protective eyewear


Before earmuffs are even put on, the operator should have some form of eye protection. Debris can fly all over the place, and dust build up can become and more intense over time.


Glasses for improved eyesight are not recommended, as they provide minimal protection to the elements. Goggles that are tight to the wearer’s face are a far better option.


Wear a mask covering


Respiratory issues arise commonly after sustained sandblasting. If the mouth and nose are not covered by a mask, operators put themselves at heavy risk of respiratory damage.


Be aware of your surroundings


When beginning work, others may be in the workspace without safety precautions. To be safe, sandblasting operators should complete work in an isolated location from those who are not safely prepared. Also, be mindful of other machines at work. With ear protection and lowered visibility from eye protection, it’s easy to be less aware of your surroundings.