Ball burnishing is a cold-working process where ball bearings scour against metal parts or steel alloys, resulting in a nice and shiny smooth surface that has a reduced chance of corrosion and/or cracking (carbon steel ball bearings of various shapes and sizes are typically used in this process). The process occurs in an enclosed tumble barrel and requires pressure to be added to an even harder ball that acts as a workpiece surface. This process is usually used to polish at a low cost per piece. Ball burnishing is seen as a solution to reduce tensile residual stress in a material that has experienced welding or machining by providing an austenitic compressive residual stress to create a balance of residual forces.

There are many benefits to the ball burnishing process, let us review them for you.

The benefits of ball burnishing:

  • Parts are produced with high control over the dimensions which makes sizing extremely accurate
  • Burnishing condenses the structure of the metal to make it harder (making it more resistant to fatigue failure)
  • The process gives working parts more resistance to rust and corrosion (less likely to crack) by reducing roughness
  • The process improves physical properties and increases the lifespan of related components
  • There is a short cycle time because burnishing tools are compatible with most machine set-ups and can be made a part of various pre-existing manufacturing processes
  • It is one of the most cost-effective methods for commercial finishes on aluminum and zinc die casting
  • The finished product is very smooth

We also offer services for abrasive blasting, metal degreasing, electropolishing, passivation, shot peen, thermal deburring, tumble barrel deburring, and vibratory deburring.

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